Fotile Chimney Hood 90CM (EMG9035) 1950RPM

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Quick Overview
  • Wave Goodbye to Cooking Smoke
    • Goodbye to cooking smoke with a wave of hand. Wave to switch on or switch off the hood.
  • Wider Grease and Smoke Control Zone
    • The Innovative Surround Suction Technology increase the smoke accumulation area of the Fotile W to 0.12m² to ensure that grease and smoke cannot escape from any of the 4 sides of the hood.
  • Full Acceleration
    • The innovative M-shaped canopy is paired with the Wing-like Surround Suction Plate, which has a 3° tilt angle, to create a narrow passage in between two wide openings for a faster and more efficient extraction.
  • Multiple Smoke Inlet Paths
    • Fotile W Wing-liked Surround Suction Plate achieves a multi-path, simultaneous grease and smoke extraction with a larger amount of smoke intake per unit.
  • Auto Turbo System
    • Increases extraction power automatically when resistance is detected
  • Quiet Operation
    • The noise level of the Fotile W while in operation is only 49dB. Now you can keep an ear out for your children even when you cook!